Inspirational Quotes and Sayings - Page 8

Happiness is Found in Doing, Not Merely Possessing.

The Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time.

On Your Journey, Don't Forget to Smell the Flowers.
Take Time Out to Notice that You're Alive. You Can Only
Live in One Day.

The Pessimist Complains About the Wind; the Optimist Expects
it to Change; the Realist Adjusts the Sails.

An Owl is Traditionally a Symbol of Wisdom, So
We are Neither Doves nor Hawks but Owls and We are Vigilant
When Others are Resting.

Be Kind Sign

Kindness in Words Creates Confidence. Kindness in Thinking
Creates Profoundness. Kindness in Giving Creates Love.

Keep on Smiling

The True Secret of Happiness Lies in Taking a Genuine
Interest in All the Details of Daily Life.

Every Day Brings New Choices.

Look Up at the Stars and Not Down at Your Feet. 
Try to Make Sense of What You See, and Wonder About
What Makes the Universe Exists. Be Curious.

Life Isn't a Matter of Milestones, but of Moments.

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.

Flowers Grow Out of Dark Moments.

Our Truest Life is When We Are in Dreams Awake.

Thinking: The Talking of the Soul with Itself.

I've Always Believed that You Can Think Positive Just As Well
As You Can Think Negative.

You Will Never Be Happy If You Continue to Search for What
Happiness Consists Of. You Will Never Live if You Are Looking for
the Meaning of Life.

Everything Has Been Figured Out, Except How to Live.

Bliss in Display Window

He Who Has a Why to Live Can Bear Almost Any How.

Happiness Seems Made to Be Shared.

Open Your Eyes, Look Within. Are You Satisfied
with the Life You're Living?

Now and Then It's Good to Pause in Our Pursuit
of Happiness and Just Be Happy.

Live - Laugh - Love

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