Inspirational Quotes and Sayings - Page 2

It is During Our Darkest Moments that We Must Focus to See the Light

I Can't Change the Direction of the Wind, But I Can Adjust My Sails
to Always Reach my Destination.

It Isn't the Mountains Ahead to Climb that Wear You Out;
It's the Pebble in Your Shoe.

If Opportunity Does Not Knock, Build a Door.

It is Not in the Stars to Hold Our Destiny but in Ourselves.


Put Your Future in Good Hands - Your Own

I Have Found That if You Love Life, Life Will Love You Back

I Don't Believe You Have to Be Better than Everybody Else.
I Believe You Have to Be Better than You Ever Thought You Could Be.

Be Brave

Life is Sweet - Be Happy


Faith is Taking the First Step Even When You Don't
See the Whole Staircase.

Your Attitude is Like a Box of Crayons that Color Your World.
Constantly Color Your Picture Gray, and Your Picture Will Always be Bleak.
Try Adding Some Bright Colors to the Picture by Including Humor, and Your
Picture Begins to Lighten Up.

Life Itself is the Most Wonderful Fairy Tale

Write it on Your Heart that Every Day is the Best
Day in the Year

A Smile is Happiness You'll Find Right Under Nose

You Have to Learn the Rules of the Game. And then You Have to
Play Better than Anyone Else.

Life is Good. Enjoy the Ride.

The Elevator to Success is Out of Order. You'll Have
to Use the Stairs... One Step at a Time.

Life is Really Simple but We Insist on Making it Complicated.

Keep Your Face to the Sunshine and You Cannot See a Shadow.


Someone is Sitting in the Shade Today
because Someone Planted a Tree a Long Time Ago.

Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom.

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