Inspirational Quotes and Sayings - Page 3

It is Better to Light a Candle, Than to Curse the Darkness

Never Look Down on Anybody Unless You're Helping Him Up

Hold Fast to Dreams, For if Dreams Die, Life is a Broken-Winged Bird that Cannot Fly

Everyone Looks So Much Better When They Smile

Don't Waste a Minute Not Being Happy. If One Window Closes,
Run to the Next Window - or Break Down a Door.

Have Goals

The Only Time Success Comes Before Work is in the Dictionary

Believe You Can and You're Halfway There

Think of the Beauty Still Left Around You and Be Happy

Everyday is a Gift, That's Why They Call it the Present

Don't Believe What Your Eyes Are Telling You. All They Show is Limitation.
Look with Your Understanding, Find Out What You Already Know, and You'll
See the Way to Fly.

Dream Big

Stop Wishing - Start Doing

When Everything Seems to Be Going Against You, Remember
that the Airplane Takes Off Against the Wind, Not With It.

Your Smile Will Brighten the Day for You and for Others.

You Have to Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True

Enjoy the Little Things in Life!

Think Outside the Box

Never Tell Me the Sky's the Limit When There are Footprints on the Moon.

It is Not the Mountain We Conquer But Ourselves.

Even if You're on the Right Track, You'll Get
Run Over if You Just Sit There.

You Change Your Life by Changing Your Heart.

Every Great Achievement Was Once Considered "Impossible".

Try to Be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud.

Just When the Caterpillar Thought the World Was Ending,
He Turned into a Butterfly.

Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He Has the Courage
to Lose Sight of the Shore.

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