Terms and Usage

Terms and Usage
Below are the terms and usage agreements for the photos and images on CJO Photo.com (for what is allowed usage and what is not allowed usage).

Allowed Usage:
  • For personal and educational work.
  • For use in printed media (newspapers, magazines and newsletters).
  • For use on websites and blogs (corporate and personal).
  • Facebook profile or cover images.
  • Twitter profile and background images.
  • Video productions such as YouTube.
  • CD and digital music cover art.
  • End-user applications such as PowerPoint and Word.
  • Corporate and personal emails.
  • Cover art and inner images for books and eBooks.
  • Desktop wallpaper.
(Attribution Not Required)

Not Allowed Usage:
  • For “print on demand” items such as mugs, greeting cards, t-shirts or any other product that would be intended for resale.
  • For any unlawful or unethical purpose (such as spreading hate or discrimination or to defame any person or place).
  • For another to claim as their own work or for use on another stock photo site.
All of our images are free to use. No license to buy and attribution is not required.
If you have any questions regarding our terms and usage please email us at cjophoto@gmail.com.