10 Quotes to Inspire You to Think Green


10 Quotes to Inspire You to Think Green

If You Want Grown-ups to Recycle, Just Tell Their Kids the Importance
of Recycling, and They'll Be All Over It.

Sooner or Later, We Will Have to Recognize that the Earth Has Rights Too,
to Live Without Pollution. What Mankind Must Know is that Human Beings Cannot
Live Without Mother Earth but the Planet Can Live Without Humans.

Trees are the Earth's Endless Effort to Speak to the Listening Heaven.

If You Cut Down a Forest, it Doesn't Matter How Many Sawmills You
Have if There are No More Trees.

Without the Oceans There Would Be No Life on Earth.

Try to Leave the Earth a Better Place than When You Arrived.

Wilderness is Not a Luxury but a Necessity of the Human Spirit.

The Only Way Forward, if We are Going to Improve the Quality
of the Environment, is to Get Everybody Involved.

If You're Not Buying Recycled Products, You're Not Really Recycling.

We Won't Have a Society if We Destroy the Environment.