15 Quotes to Inspire Success


15 Quotes to Inspire Success

Every Great Achievement Was Once Considered "Impossible".

The Elevator to Success is Out of Order. You'll Have to Use
the Stairs One Step at a Time.

If You're Offered a Seat on a Rocket Ship, Don't Ask What Seat! Just Get On.

The Only Time Success Comes Before Work is in the Dictionary.

All Great Achievements Require Time.

You Have to Learn the Rules of the Game. And then You Have to Play
Better than Anyone Else.

Expect Problems and Eat Them for Breakfast.

Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They are Guide Lines.

Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He has the Courage
to Lose Sight of the Shore.

Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easily. Work, Continuous Work
and Hard Work, is the Only Way to Accomplish Results that Last.

You Don't Have to Be Great to Start, But You Have
to Start to Be Great.

A #2 Pencil and a Dream Can Take You Anywhere.

Even if You're on the Right Track, You'll Get Run
Over if You Just Sit There.

Freedom Lies in Being Bold.

It is a Rough Road that Leads to the Heights of Greatness.


If Opportunity Does Not Knock, Build a Door.