Organization: Upcycled Organizing: Magazine Holder

I have a pretty small pantry - it's pretty much a closet in our kitchen that one of the previous owners must have turned into a pantry by adding some shelves which definitely helps for storage since we don't have a very big kitchen. Since our kitchen and pantry are not that big, I am always looking for ways to add extra storage in our kitchen.

I came across the idea of using a magazine holder (some refer to them as magazine files) for extra storage online. The idea of using a magazine holder came up time and time again when I was searching creative storage ideas but some people attached the holders using screws which I wasn't fond of until I came across one genius that recommended Command strips (so simple and smart). So that's what I did, I used some Command strips and took a magazine holder that I already owned for a long time (and was really doing nothing with) and attached the magazine holder to one of the walls inside our pantry.

The magazine holder is the perfect size for storing things like wax paper and plastic wrap. Also using the magazine holder makes for really easy access. Some people have attached the magazine holders to the inside of a cabinet door (which I also think is a fantastic idea).

Easy, inexpensive and accessible!