Dairy - Page 2

Eggs in the Carton

The Poets Have Been Mysteriously Silent on the Subject of Cheese.

Dairy Barn Sign

Butter Makes Everything Taste Better

Happy Egg

Empty Bottle of Milk Sitting on Windowsill

Cheese is Milk's Leap Toward Immortality.

Eggs in Carton

Y is for Yogurt

Cracked Egg

Cow Doll Holding Milk Bottle

Sunny-Side Up Egg

Butter Cream Milk Sign

Cup of Yogurt and Spoon

Broken Egg

Cheese Tasting Sign


Shopping List - Eggs

Old Milk Containers

Get Off Your Horse and Drink Your Milk.

Life is Too Short Not to Have Pasta, Steak, and Butter.

Milk - All You Care to Drink

Bowl with Brown and White Eggs

Milk and Cookie


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