Braided T-shirt Bracelet

If you are looking for an easy and "green" piece of jewelry to make you might want to try making a braided t-shirt bracelet. All you really need to make a braided t-shirt bracelet is an old t-shirt, a sewing needle, and some thread.

The first step is to cut your three strips of t-shirt to braid. We made our strips about an inch, inch and a half thick. We pinned the three strips of t-shirt at the top to make it easier to braid.

Next you will simply braid the three strips of material together - the tighter the braid the better. You could always add some fun string or beads to add some other colors in the bracelet.

Finally, you will want to sew both ends of the bracelet to prevent the braid from loosening. Then simply sew the two ends of the bracelet together (adjust for the needed size) - it's that easy!