Bottle Cap Refrigerator Magnets

Looking for an easy DIY project to do with your children? Try making your own bottle cap refrigerator magnets!

What You Will Need
bottle caps
paper (to create your own designs)
glue (or hot glue gun)
magnet sheets

To create our magnet backings for the bottle caps, we used some free refrigerator magnets that we had been collecting to repurpose. We found that tracing a coin (the size of a nickel) worked well for creating the perfect size for the magnet backing to be glued to our bottle caps (we used a hot glue gun to attach our magnets to the bottle caps).

A Nickel Was the Perfect Size to Trace Out the Magnet Backing

We Used Free Fridge Magnets to Create Our Magnet Backings

Finally, pick out some of your favorite paper and create your own unique designs to finish off your bottle cap magnets. We found that a coin (the size of a quarter) works well for tracing out the perfect size to fit into the bottle cap. We used a hot glue gun to attach the paper designs to the inside of our bottle cap refrigerator magnets.

Coins Work Well for Tracing Out the Size of the Magnet Backings and Inner Designs