Cleaning and Washing - Page 1

Clothespins on Line


Clothes Hanging on Line

Straw Brooms

Wooden Clothespins in a Basket

Iron on Ironing Board

Scrub Brushes

Caution - Wet Floor Sign


Rags Hanging on Line to Dry

Antique Washboard

Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Wooden Clothespin

Spray Bottle Nozzle

Straw Broom

Clothes Drying on the Line

Trash Sign

Old Fashion Irons on Wood Burning Stove

Line Drying Clothes

Bucket of Water and Sponges

Antique Washing Tub

Clothes Drying on Line Outside

Antique Iron and Ironing Board

Straw Brooms

Clothespins on Line

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