Before I can really feel like I can start to organize a room, I first need to declutter. It's so much easier to get and stay organized when you remove items that you are no longer needing or no longer work.

Some people like to go from room to room when decluttering, I just like to start with anything obvious and go from there. Obvious items for me to declutter usually are clothing, shoes, books, movies, toys, and decorations. If you are having a hard time starting, start by setting a small goal and then another small goal and another.... you get the idea.

I usually just donate items to Goodwill or give them away to family or friends that could use them. If you choose to try to sell your items, you may want to give yourself a date to sell the items by so that those items don't keep sitting around your home, just creating clutter.

Delcuttering is something that may need to be done at least once a year to help keep your home organized (or more if you need it). Just keep in mind - the less stuff that you have, the easier it is to stay organized.