Clip Those Coupons

Some people may argue that clipping coupons is not worth the time but if you are only spending a few minutes a week on clipping coupons and are able to save a decent amount of money, then for many it is definitely worth the time.

I always clip coupons when able, when there are coupons available for the products I actually use (I never buy a product just because it has a coupon). Over the years, I have been able to save a really good amount of money by simply clipping coupons. However, there will be times that you'll notice a lull in the amount of coupons, basically there will be times that it feels like there are absolutely no decent coupons but hang in there because with time there will be more coupons available that you are able to actually use.

I like to check out the site - this site usually has a few good coupons I can use from time to time but you will probably want to check the site weekly because the coupons do change up.

I also like to use inserts from our Sunday newspaper. I only recommend ordering a newspaper if you save more money in coupons than you spend on the actually newspaper (otherwise, you're losing money and it's not worth it).

Every week I check out our local store deals, along with any digital coupons I can "clip" (add to my store card to get the savings).

Finally, I also recommend swapping coupons with family and friends to help each other save a few dollars.

Couponing is not hard and really does not take up that much time (maybe 10 minutes of my week) and can help you save so much money. So, if you have never bothered to check out what coupons are available, you may want to start doing so and see just how much money you can save over time.