Use YouTube for Free Workouts


**Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. The posts on Simple Everyday Living are to give inspiration. Always be sure to consult a professional before starting any new fitness routine or diet.**

You may be looking to start a new fitness routine but may not have the money to join the gym or purchase workout equipment - not a problem. Besides getting out and going for walks, you can also check out YouTube for FREE workout videos.

YouTube has a ton of FREE workout videos made by professionals to make sure you are doing your workouts correctly. One YouTube channel that has a really great assortment is BeFitBeFit has fitness videos from yoga to strength training to cardio.

Another YouTube channel that my girls and I love is Blogilates. The trainer, Cassey, has a ton of great videos and my daughters and I just really love her energy. You can check out one of her videos below.