One of the most important steps to getting organized is, in my opinion, decluttering. It's hard to start to get organized if you have a bunch of stuff around your home that you're not even using. 

Some people like to start to declutter by going from room to room and removing items that they are no longer using. I like to start with obvious items and go from there. If you're not sure where to start, start by challenging yourself to get rid of at least five items from your home, then another five and another five.... you get the idea, until you are starting to see and feel a difference in your space.

I think that you will find the whole organizational process a lot easier when you are organizing items that you actually are using versus stuff that you just need to let go. You could try and sell some of the items you are no longer using, just make sure to give yourself a time limit on how long you will give yourself to sell any items you are willing to part with, if the items are not selling, then it is probably time to just donate those items.

Once you make the decision to start to declutter, the process will get easier the more you keep up with it. Decluttering is a process that you will probably want to keep up with and do at least twice a year to make sure you are removing some items that are not used anymore when you start to bring any new items into your home.

The more you declutter, the easier it gets and the easier it is to stay organized.