Count Your Calories


**Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. The posts on Simple Everyday Living are to give inspiration. Always be sure to consult a professional before starting any new fitness routine or diet.**

One thing that has always helped me to shed some unwanted pounds when they creep on is to count my calories. Everyone's ideal daily calorie range will vary from person to person. I'm not going to share my range because I don't want to influence anyone else - if you're not sure about your range, it is probably best to consult a professional like a doctor or nutritionist. However, when first starting out, you may want to figure out how many calories you are having on average per day and just try to cut back each week until you hit your calorie goal range. Also, keep in mind that you never want to have too few calories because that can actually do physical harm to your body - you need to eat to be strong and healthy.

I love calorie counting because it really makes me conscience of what I am eating. It makes me think about portion sizes and making sure to get my nutrients in throughout the day without depriving myself. When you calorie count, you don't have to give up all of the foods that you love - you may just have to cut back the portions while making sure to add more healthy foods to your diet.

Also, it is important to remember to not freak out if you go over your calorie range for the day once in a while because the more active you are, the more forgiving your body will be for having a few extra calories. Just another bonus of exercising.

You can check out how one mom lost 100 pounds by keeping track of her calories (know as calories in- calories) in the video below.