Clip Those Coupons


Some bloggers or vloggers may tell you that couponing is not worth the time but I would have to disagree. I spend maybe 10 minutes a week on couponing and have saved hundreds of dollars in a year just by using some coupons.

I usually like to check out I can usually find some coupons to use on occasion through the website. I only use coupons for items my family and I were going to purchase anyway.

I do check our Sunday paper. We do have to purchase a subscription but we usually save more money with the coupons than we pay for the subscription. If that were to change, than we would obviously cancel our subscription.

Finally, we check our local stores for online coupons. Some of our local stores offer online coupons that you can "clip" by having an account. Also, one of our local stores does send us printed coupons periodically for items we use that have helped with some pretty good savings.

If you have 10 minutes a week to spare (which I am betting you do), try checking for some coupons and see how much you can save over a year.