Decluttering: January 2021


I started off the first weekend of the New Year being able to declutter around 20 items out of our house and then I started to wonder how many items I could declutter from our home by the end of January. Well, by the end of January 2021, I was able to declutter 107 items from our house!

We are not remotely hoarders and I do realize that 107 items sounds huge (and it kind of is) but a lot of the items were some clothing, puzzles, toys, books, etc.... that my daughters had grown out of (were never using) and we felt they should be donated so hopefully other kids would be able to use and enjoy those items. Not all of the items decluttered were my kids' but usually kid items are a good place to start when decluttering.

I am going to keep going with my little decluttering spree into February (knowing that I will not have nearly as many items to declutter but I did have a few more items that I found after January that could exit our house). I will be sure to share my February decluttering at the end of the month.

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