Saving Money: The Bigger House Debate

My husband and I always seem to be having the bigger house debate - my husband thinks we need a bigger house and I am confident that we don't.

We are a family of four and we have a three bedroom, one full bath, and one half bath house. My kids both have their own rooms (there are many kids out there that have to share a bedroom and survive just fine) and we have yet to encounter someone needing to use a bathroom and not being able to do so.

My husband insists that we need more space and that we are outgrowing our house but I am pretty sure that he is just checking out some of the bigger houses out there and wants some of the amenities that those houses have - such as more bathrooms, a bigger kitchen, and even sometimes a theater room. However, those amenities often come with a huge price tag.

My argument is that a bigger house will cost more for:

1. the house itself
2. usually property taxes depending on where you live
3. furnishing your house
4. repairs (more bathrooms = more potential plumbing issues)
5. repairs (such as a bigger house = a bigger roof to replace someday)

A smaller house to me means more financial freedom to do what we want, such as being able to go on a vacation and enjoy it. We don't freak out when we have a car or home repair, we have the money because we choose not to be "house poor". 

If you can afford the bigger house and still have an emergency fund and are not in debt, then by all means, enjoy! However, if you want the bigger house and cannot afford it, it will just cause you more stress and financial troubles in the future.

I truly believe that most families can get by with a smaller house and even enjoy their smaller houses.