Saving Money: Buy Second Hand When You Can

When you can, buy second hand.

Everyone knows that if you can buy second hand, it can save you a lot of money and with social media, now more than ever it is easier to buy second hand.

Of course, you can shop at second hand stores and hit up rummage sales which are both great ways to save some money but people can also go online to save money. There is still Craigslist but you can also use online groups such as Facebook marketplace to help find items for sale in your area.

Furniture and clothing have always been obvious items to purchase second hand but you may want to also include vehicles and even your home. Most people know that the minute you leave a dealership with your new car, it has already depreciated in value and now days buying a plot of land can sometimes be almost as expensive as just buying an existing home.

I have saved money by purchasing some home furnishings second hand and I love that most of the pieces are unique. Some of the items I have had to paint but the little effort I have put into doing so was so worth the outcome.

Some of the items we have purchased second hand include a bed frame (with headboard) and dresser for my youngest's bedroom, we got that pair for only $40.00 from a neighbor that was selling it at a rummage sale and just wanted to get rid of those pieces since her child had outgrown the style of them. We just had to buy a new mattress and box spring.

I have bought lamps, end tables, our kitchen table, art work and toys second and have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars doing so.

We have also made use of a few pieces that were given to us second hand by family members.

Buying second hand is awesome for your wallet and the environment, so definitely buy second hand when you can!

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