Organization: Shop Dollar Stores to Get Organized

If you find that you need to purchase some organizational storage items - start at your local dollar store first. I have noticed some organization blogs and vlogs that try to promote more expensive storage bins, when all you really need you can most likely find at your local dollar store. Some larger items you may have to go to a Walmart or Target but you really don't need to spend a lot to get organized.

I like to use our local Dollar Tree for a lot of our smaller storage solutions. You may have heard some people complain that the plastic storage containers break too easily but I have used their plastic storage containers for years and have never had any issues with any of them.

You can see online a lot of the storage items that are offered in the stores for Dollar Tree.

Below is an image from Dollar Tree's website and what I love about the image below is that it really does showcase some of the smaller storage items that Dollar Tree does carry and how you may want to use those items.

(Image Source: Dollar

I use some of the rectangular storage bins in our bathroom closet. I use some of the slightly bigger storage bins in my kids' bedrooms for toys and figures and I use some the slightly larger storage bins for organization in our garage. 

I use the over the door metal racks in my kids' rooms for storing and displaying some of their hats (my kids are Harry Potter fans). :)

I have bought and use wastebaskets from Dollar Tree in our bathroom and my kids' bedrooms.

I use their wire cabinet shelves to create more storage space in our pantry and our pots/pans cabinet.

I will add that the smaller clear shoe box storage bins with lids are few cents cheaper at Walmart (that's where I purchase those containers) but most of the time a dollar store such as Dollar Tree is going to be your best bet for your smaller organizational items.

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