Organization: Meal Planning

What's for dinner?

A simple question that most parents dread. When life is always busy, something as simple as dinner can seem frustrating. Breakfast and lunches are usually pretty easy for most families but it is usually the dreaded "what's for dinner?" question that can leave us feeling a little stressed and unfortunately, when we are not prepared, it can also cost us a lot of money.

For many families, when life is busy and they may not feel like they have time to plan out dinner, they most often will resort to take-out which can end up costing a lot of money. A simple solution to the "what's for dinner?" question can really be resolved with some easy meal planning.

I've noticed that with meal planning, I have been more cautious to pay attention to what we have in our freezer and our pantry when planning out meals so that we are using what we have to try and avoid food waste. I hate having to throw food out from our freezer or pantry because it is not only a waste of food but also a big waste of money.

Meal planning can help save you money and be a bit more organized. Some people will take inventory of any leftovers, as well as what is in their pantry and freezer while creating their weekly meal planner - using what you have on hand can definitely save you money. Other people also like to meal plan based on what is on sale that week at their local grocery stores - also a smart way to save money on future meal plans.

I just write down my weekly dinner meal plan on a scrap piece of paper but some people like to use a free printable. I have also seen people use dry erase boards or chalkboards in their kitchens to display their weekly dinner plans to help keep organized. Any system that works for you is a good system.

The three things to remember when meal planning to help save you money are:

1. Use leftovers up first.

2. Use food from your freezer and pantry (to keep them from expiring).

3. Try to meal plan using food on sale.

If you can meal plan using the above tips, you should be able to save a lot of money on how much you spend on food a month and also be able to save yourself some stress when it comes to dinner time.

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