Organization: Make Lists and Use Free Printables

Every day I start my day with a "to-do" list. I try to list all the things that I would like to get done that day and highlight the items on the list that I know I have to get done and focus on those tasks first and then try to tackle the remaining tasks.

We are all so busy that it's easy to forget tasks that may need to be done and having a daily "to-do" list can help to keep those tasks under control. Some people even like to go beyond the daily "to-do" list and keep a productivity journal. Basically, you keep track of what you accomplish daily in a notebook.

Besides my daily "to-do" lists, I also like to use free printable calendars to help keep me organized throughout the year. I print out calendars for all 12 months using the site I keep the calendar printouts in a simple two pocket folder (usually one of the folders from one of my kids previous school years that they are no longer using), and a added bonus - this system is free.

There are so many great free printable organizers online that there really isn't a need to purchase a big fancy planner. Some people are charging up to $30.00 or more for a yearly planner when you can get a simple planner at a dollar store for a dollar! It really makes no sense to me when people spend that much money on something that is only going to last you one year, especially when you can get organized for free or next to free. has some really great free printable organizing sheets such as goal setting, cleaning, and daily task sheets. Between free printable calendars, free printable organizational sheets and inexpensive notebooks - you really don't need to spend much (if anything) to get and stayed organized!

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