Organization: Declutter

I personally think that the biggest thing a person can do to be organized is to declutter.

I really don't care how you do it but get the stuff that you are not using and really don't need and get it out of your home and your life.

The biggest issues for many people is getting started. When you are trying to declutter your life and get organized, it can be a bit overwhelming at times to just figure out where to start but the important thing is that you do start and you don't stop.

I like to start with the obvious and work from there. I start with clothing, toys, books, games, etc... that our family is not using anymore and donate or give those items away to family and friends. Then I move on to different sections of our home and try to find anything that we have not been using for a long time and really haven't needed and out the door those items go.

Once you get the hang of clearing items out, it gets easier to let go of stuff. I have heard many complaints from people about not having enough storage in their homes but it usually is not a storage problem, it's a stuff problem. Get the stuff out of your home that you don't need and you will realize how much extra storage room you really have to use in your home.

Make yourself accountable, set your goals for yourself but don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve all of your goals right away. Decluttering is an ongoing process. People tend to acquire things but when you get new items, make sure to donate some of the older items you don't use anymore and get them out of your house to keep your home from becoming cluttered all over again.

If you plan on selling items you don't need anymore, make sure you set a time limit to get those items sold and if you don't sell them, just donate them or give those items away. If it's taking you months to sell something, those items are taking up valuable real estate in your home and you just need to get them out.

Every time you clear items out of your home, give yourself a little pat on the back and keep going. You can do this, you can declutter, you can get organized and stay organized.
Just keep going and don't ever give up.

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