Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

A several years ago I redid our very outdated kitchen cabinets and it is by far my favorite makeover in our house. We don't have the best cabinets but they were in good shape and just needed a bit of tlc but the reason I love this makeover so much is how it brightened up our kitchen.

We don't get a lot of sunlight in our kitchen and we only have two windows in our kitchen, so painting our cabinets white made a huge difference.

Our Cabinets - Original Stain Color and Bright Gold Handles

Our Cabinets - After Painted White with New Hardware

I actually painted the cabinets myself (my husband did help me put the doors back on), so if I can do it, I really believe most people can as well. It was pretty easy but I will admit that it was time consuming and I really don't have a very large kitchen. So, if you have a large kitchen with a lot of cabinets and drawers you may want to recruit some help to speed up the process.

The Steps I Took:

1. I removed all the doors and drawers. I numbered the drawers and cabinet doors so I knew where each one went back. I also put the cabinet door hinges in baggies and numbered those as well, to make sure everything lined up perfectly when I would have to put the drawers and cabinet doors back.

I did have to use some wood filler to fill in the holes from where the old hardware was on the cabinet doors since I was going to be repositioning the new hardware.

2. I sanded the cabinet doors and drawers (I did this part outside). I also sanded the cabinet faces (I covered things in plastic, such as my appliances, to keep dust from getting everywhere).

3. After I wiped everything down a few times with wet rags to remove all the dust, I start to prime the cabinet faces, cabinet doors and kitchen drawers. I ended up using two coats of primer.

4. After priming, I was able to paint the cabinet faces. cabinet doors and kitchen drawers white. I had to do two coats of paint.

5. After the paint was dry, I added the new hardware on (I repositioned the handles on the cabinet doors to be in the corners instead of in the center of the cabinet doors).

6. Finally, I was able to put the drawers and cabinet doors back on - that was such a great feeling.

I was really happy with our kitchen cabinet makeover. It made a huge difference in brightening up our kitchen and by painting our cabinets instead of purchasing new cabinets we were able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.