Saving Money: Get Fit for Free

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not a fitness trainer. Before you start any new fitness program or diet, you may wish to consult a doctor or fitness trainer. The statements below are suggestions only meant to give the audience ideas that they may be able to apply to their own lives.**

Basically, if you have not worked out for a while, you don't want to go from doing nothing to trying to run 5 miles and squatting 100 pounds. I think you get the idea. You want to do a gradual build up for your fitness routine so you don't hurt yourself and if you are trying something that you have never tried before, talk to someone who knows what they are talking about to make sure you are being good to your body while getting back in shape.

Okay, now on to some ideas to help you get back in shape for free.

Walking - walking is free. Not only is walking a great way to help you start to get back in shape but it is also a great stress reliever. I love going for walks with my kids (weather permitting). It's a great way to help us get an easy workout in but we are also able to talk and spend some quality time together.

Use YouTube to help get in some really great and free workouts. There is a channel called BeFiT on YouTube that has all different types of workout videos such as yoga, cardio and strength training for all different levels from beginners to more advanced.

Play sports - even if you're not good at them. I'm not the most coordinated person but I still enjoy playing sports (or in my case, trying to play sports) with my kids. Running and kicking a soccer ball up and down a field, running bases and in my case, chasing after a tennis ball that you missed on the court, all get you moving and burning calories and help to get you back in shape.

Simple tasks can even help to get you back in shape, such as gardening and house work. There are free calculators online that help give you an idea of how many calories you burn when doing simple tasks from raking to vacuuming, such as this free calorie calculator from Calorie Control Council.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get back in shape - basically, you really just have to put the work in and if you do, you should start to see and feel results.

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