Saving Money: Couponing

The question, to coupon or not to coupon? Well the answer is simple, YES always coupon!

I've noticed some bloggers and vloggers recently commenting that couponing is a waste of time and I could not disagree more. The argument is that people should be shopping more wisely and not worrying about coupons but I feel that people should shop more wisely and use coupons when you are able to use coupons.

Coupons are free money. As long as you are using a coupon to purchase an item that you were going to purchase anyway, it's free money.

I don't care if you find a coupon for an item that saved you a dollar and that's all the couponing that you did because at least you still saved a dollar but I know that most people can and have saved a lot more than a dollar over a year and if you want to see how much I save using coupons, please visit my ongoing extra Savings Total where I keep track of my savings from coupons and store deals and show how easy it is to save money with very little effort.

Contrary to what you might have heard from some bloggers or vloggers, couponing does not have to take up that much of your time. I probably spend about an hour total per week (not an hour a day but total for the whole week) checking out store deals and clipping coupons.

Every Wednesday our local store fliers are sent with our mail. So everyday Wednesday, I skim through the fliers to see what is on sale and then I check to see if I have any coupons that could work with any of the sale items.

Wondering where I get my coupons?

I get coupons from our local Sunday paper (and sometimes coupon inserts are also delivered with our local newspaper or mail).

I always check out usually has at least a few good coupons that I am able to use.

I use to redeem points that I save to print coupons as rewards.

I take advantage of store coupons (both print and digital).

These are just some of the places I get my coupons from and I know there are more coupon sites but these are the resources that I feel work the best for my family.