Simple Everyday Living

Welcome to Simple Everyday Living - the eBook about saving money and getting organized (that's not really an eBook).


Section 1: Saving Money

Chapter 1 - Couponing

Chapter 2 - Meal Planning

Chapter 3 - DIY

Chapter 4 - Free Family Fun

Chapter 5 - Get Fit for Free

Chapter 6 - Buy Second Hand When You Can

Chapter 7 - Live Within Your Means but Below is Better

Chapter 8 - Live Large on Less

Section 2: Organization

Chapter 9 - Make Lists and Use Free Printables

Chapter 10 - Declutter

Chapter 11 - Shop Dollar Stores to Get Organized

Chapter 12 - Use What You Have

Chapter 13 - Get Creative with Storage

Ongoing Extras

Since this is not a traditional blog, there are a few extra sections that will be updated when relevant.
Please keep visiting to see the ongoing progress of the extras below:

Savings Total
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