Simple Everyday Living: Introduction

Hello and welcome to Simple Everyday Living.

I'm Mrs. SEL (Simple Everyday Living) - I'm a mother of two and basically the CEO of my household so I am always looking for ways to save my family money and get more organized.

I have always thought of writing a blog but didn't really know if I would have enough information to post about and I didn't want to add too much fluff. I know my time is valuable and so is everyone else's time and so I decided that doing an eBook that wasn't actually an eBook would be the best answer.

So what's an eBook that's not really an eBook?
Well, in this case, instead of doing a blog, I'm just doing some "chapters" that highlight what I feel are some of the main ideas of saving money and getting more organized. I don't feel that any of the ideas are remotely new but sometimes people just need to be reminded to implement these ideas into their daily lives to help them save more money and get more organized. If I can reach out to some individuals and show them that these basic ideas really can help you save money and get more organized and some of those individuals actually start to make changes in their lives to save more money and get more organized, then my "eBook" is serving its purpose.

I'm going to try to keep my "chapters" brief and to the point. Again, I feel like this is information that people should already know and I'm hoping that when individuals realize how easy it is to implement some of the ideas into their own lives, they put those ideas into action to save more money and get more organized. So, in other words.... I'm really trying to motivate anyone who needs a little motivation and show them how easy it can be to save money and get organized.

If I can save money and be more organized, you can too!

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