Simple Everyday Living: 1/30/20 Savings

Our local Pick N' Save is hosting a 4 day sale on certain items and that sale started today. They had an electronic coupon for butter on sale $1.99 (you can purchase up to 5 packages) and also had Red Baron pizza for $1.99 with electronic coupon, you could purchase up to 5 pizzas for that price and so I picked up 4 pizzas. I haven't had Red Baron pizza since I was a kid, so I really don't remember if it is any good but I figured for that price we could give it a try when we have a movie night or when the kids have some friends over to the house. So, with the store savings with the electronic coupons I saved at least $10.00.

So, today's savings come to a total of at least $10.00 taking advantage of store deals and coupons.