Simple Everyday Living: 1/22/20 Savings

Today at our local Pick N' Save there was a sale on cereal and other items when you bought 5 items (out of the items on sale). I bought 4 boxes of cereal and a bottle of dish soap and was able to have extra savings applied. I also had coupons for the cereal and dish soap. I had a $1.00 off two boxes of Mini Wheats (coupon doubled to $2.00) and a coupon for $1.00 off two boxes of Cheerios (this coupon also doubled to $2.00 off). Finally, I had a 50 cent coupon for the Palmolive dish soap (coupon also doubled to $1.00). With coupons and store deals I saved at least $8.00.

I also had some items to purchase at Walmart and was able to use two $4.00 coupons on some Flintstones vitamins for a savings of $8.00.

So, today's savings come to a total of at least $16.00 taking advantage of store deals and coupons.