Simple Everyday Living: 1/17/20 Savings

Today our local Pick N' Save had a really good deal on frozen chicken breasts. They had 3 pound bags on sale (special 2 day sale) for only 5.99 each, you could purchase up to 5 bags. My family eats a lot of chicken and so I purchased 5 bags for a savings of at least $10.00 (the normal sale price is 7.99 per bag, so I really saved much more than $10.00 from that sale but I like to always showcase the least amount that I saved).

I also had some items to purchase at Walmart and was able to use a $4.00 coupon on some Flintstones vitamins.

So, today's savings come to a total of at least $14.00 taking advantage of store deals and coupons.