Simple Everyday Living: 9/18/19 Savings

Today I was able to save $14.00 at our local Pick N' Save. Our local Pick N' Save had Pantene shampoo on sale for $1.99 a bottle and Entenmann's mini muffins on sale for $1.99 as well. I bought two bottles of Pantene shampoo for $1.99 each and had a $4.00 off of two Pantene products, which made each bottle of shampoo 99 cents after sale and coupon. I also purchased three boxes of the Entenmann's mini muffins for $1.99 each and I had a $1.00 off of two coupon (which doubled to $2.00) and a 50 cent coupon off of one (which double to $1.00), making each box of mini muffins 99 cents after the sale price and coupons. So I was able to save about $14.00 today.