Simple Everyday Living: 10/20/19 Savings

Today I was able to save $10.00 at Meijer. I had earned two $5.00 rewards buy purchasing a couple of gift cards at my last shopping trip to Meijer. Meijer had a deal that when you purchased a $50.00 gift card (select gift cards), you were able to earn a $5.00 reward on a future purchase. My husband and I purchased two $50.00 gift cards to Kohl's since we knew we had some purchases that we would be making there for Christmas and we do shop at Kohl's on occasion and have had some really great deals there on clothes and shoes. So since Kohl's is a store we do shop at throughout the year, this was a really great deal and were able to save $10.00

Today's Savings: $10.00