Simple Everyday Living: Daily Savings 2/5/19

Today I was able to score some quick savings with some coupons that I used at Walmart towards some daily items. I was able to save $5.00 on Head & Shoulders shampoo ($5.00 off a purchase of two, coupon from Sunday paper) - my kids get dry scalp in the winter and this shampoo seems to help. I was able to save $2.00 on Nature Made vitamins ($2.00 off of 2, coupon from Sunday paper).
I was also able to save $1.00 off of GoGurt (coupon from These are all items we would be buying whether we had coupons or not, so saving $8.00 may not seem like that big of savings, it was easy savings that didn't take any real planning.

Today's Daily Savings: $8.00