Simple Everyday Living: Daily Savings 1/22/19

So I really didn't save much today but the point is I didn't plan on saving any money today. The kids had awesome report cards and so my husband and I decided we could do a fun dinner and throw in a couple frozen pizzas (I know, don't go too wild right). Anyway, one of the pizzas had a coupon attached for a $1.00 off. A dollar may not seem like much but the purpose of these posts is to show how over time, small savings can add up to big savings.

The cashier kind of made a joke of the $1.00 savings but it is that kind of mentality that gets people into debt. The "it's only a dollar" mentality that can lead to "it's only five dollars" that can lead to "it's only ten dollars", well you get the idea.

So instead of having the "it's only a dollar" mentality, learn to appreciate saving that dollar or really thinking about your purchases before spending that dollar because over time those dollars can really add up.

Today's Daily Savings: $1.00