Go Green - Save Green: 30 Day Decluttering Challenge

30 Day Decluttering Challenge

Some of you may have heard of a 30 day decluttering challenge where you have a goal to get rid of 465 items within 30 days. The idea is that you would get rid of one item on day one, two items on day two, and so on. So by the end of 30 days, you would have decluttered 465 items from your home.

I'm putting myself through this challenge right now but just decluttering when I have the time (not on a daily bases). I started to declutter on the first of this month and so by the end of October I have to reach 465 (or try to reach 465) items.

The picture above shows some items I took to one of our local Good Will stores. I was able to declutter 72 items the first day of the challenge. Most of the items were clothes and toys that my kids have outgrown. 

I like to keep things pretty minimal when I can so this challenge will be easy at first but I am thinking I may struggle to come up with 465 items, however, we have a storage space in our basement that I want my husband to go through with me so that my make the 465 items easier to come up with near the end of the month.